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Review of: Texas Blueberry Festival

by Stacy Curtis


Blueberries Galore!

In the heart of the largest blueberry producing county in Texas you'll find some blueberry-loving folks. We had the pleasure of visiting the Texas Blueberry Festival while on a trip to Nacogdoches County - which produces more blueberries than any other county.

turkeylegAfter doing some night ziplining at Zip Nac and spending time at the fabulous Zip Inn B&B, we headed over to get our blueberry on.  The fun part was seeing all the blueberry items and finding the most unique! We had our pick from a Forest Gump-worthy selection: blueberry bread, blueberry funnel cakes, blueberry jam, blueberry sweet get the picture.  

My vote went to the blueberry barbecue sauce, but the blueberry lemonade was quite refreshing. The fresh blueberries can't be beat either. Luckily, if the festival runs out you can always take a free shuttle to one of the nearby blueberry farms. The turkey legs weren't blueberry, but you really can't go to a festival and NOT have one...YUM!

Nacogdoches hosts the Texas Blueberry Festival on the second Saturday in June each year. People come from all over to share their blueberry wares and participate in the pageants and contests. In fact, you haven't seen a real pie-eating contest until you've seen one involving blueberries!

Nacogdoches put on a fine event for visitors and residents alike. Here are some of the events taking place:

    • Blueberry Pancake Breakfast
    • cupcakesBlueberries Sale
    • Blueberry Farm Pick and Peek
    • Blueberry Hill Soda & Sweet Shoppe
    • CMA Motorcycle Show
    • Deja Blue Classic Car Show
    • True Blue Pet Parade
    • Blueberry Cupcake Battle
    • Little Miss Blueberry Pageantlll
    • Running of the Blueberries 5K Run/Walk
    • Blue Washer Board Tournament
    • Blue Threads Costume Contest
    • Blueberry Pie Contest
    • Blue Pies Smiling at Me Pie Eating Contest
    • CASA Kids Cupcake Decorating
    • Kroger Craft Corner
    • Kids Get Wet Water and Bounce Park
    • Too Blue Petting Zoolll
    • Big Blue Murals
    • Cool Zone and Teddy Bear check-up
    • Three stages filled with live entertainment
    • An Oldies Concert
    • Bob Murphey Story Reading Room
    • Cookin' Up the Blues Blueberry Cooking Demonstrations
    • Cowboy Max (We saw one of his shows...loved it!)


Whew! If you aren't blueberried-out by the time you leave Nac....well, there's always next year!  The festival attracts over 19,000 people to downtown Nacogdoches every year.