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RRM Home School Program


1921 Avenue F
Rosenberg, TX, 77471
United States


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10:30am - 11:30am


6-8 years 9-12 years
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Rosenberg Railroad Museum
Throughout the year, homeschooled students and their families are invited for educational classes and events at RRM. Bring your lunch and picnic on our park-like grounds. Each class is held 10:30am - 11:30am in our Education Building.

These special classes feature the following subjects:

September 14    ­ Sound Energy 
What is sound? Why do we hear the train whistle before we even see the train? Experiment with sound waves in this hands on class. 

September 28­      Telegraph
Travel back in time as we learn about communications dispatched by electric telegraph. Build your own electromagnetic telegraph and send messages to each other.

October 12      Transcontinental Railroad 
The 1860's were a time of turmoil for the US, but also time of one of the greatest engineering feats in American History ­ - construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. How much track can you lay in our version of the Mary Ann Fraser's Ten Mile Day

October 26     Bridges 
Identify different types of bridges and experiment with various structures to discover the strongest design type.

November 9      Acids / Bases
We'll test common household items to determine which are acids and then build our own battery using fruit!

November 16     Traveling by Train     **NEW CLASS**
What was it like to travel across the US in the early 1900's?  Learn about the adventures of Rudy and May as they each traveled across the US in very unusual ways!.

January 11    Simple Machines     **NEW CLASS**
Simple machines are all around us, making things we do daily a bit easier.  We will get work done without breaking a sweat in this class!

January 25       Magnetism
Explore magnetic forces, define and draw magnetic fields.

February 8     Time Zones
What time is it?  Well, that depends on where you are!  Learn about the different time zones of the US and the role trains had in bringing them about.

February 22     Newton's Laws
Trains are on a roll!  All that mass has a LOT of energy.  Learn about and experiment with Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.

March 8     Harvey Girls and Rosenberg History     **REVISED**
The city of Rosenberg developed because of the railroads. Learn about the Harvey Girls who served train passengers and other businesses as we check out some of the historic buildings in downtown Rosenberg.

March 22     Air Pressure     **NEW CLASS**
Air isn't just the stuff we breathe - so what is it? These molecules are all around us and we'll explore the effects of air pressure in several fun experiments.

Please review Class Policy & Procedures before registering for class.


  • Online pre-registration required.  Classes filled on a first-reserved, first-paid basis.
  • Families receive one free adult/chaperone with each paid participant. Additional adults and children will need to pay regular admission if they plan to utilize the facilities or receive a tour.
  • Refunds will not be given for no-shows. 
  • Class will start promptly at scheduled time.  Students more than 10 minutes late may not be permitted to enter class.
  • Museum reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements. (Full refund will be given.)
  • Check in with museum staff in the main gallery upon arrival.